Service: ICT Consultancy

Qi Consulting has been successfully providing ICT consultancy to the Public Sector for over 20 years. Our consultants have extensive experience working with government departments and agencies and large commercial organisations to enable them to make the most effective use of new technology to support their business. The services we can offer include:

Review and Advice

We are one of the biggest providers of independent reviewers across the Public Sector and devolved governments. Our specialists can review and advise on the design, procurement and implementation of ICT solutions; your ICT delivery and support organisations; and we can help to ensure your IT aligns effectively with your business strategy.

Strategy and Vision

We can help you develop your IT strategy, vision and ICT roadmap, and provide concrete support to implementing that vision in practice, including advice on application design management, integration with your existing ICT systems, and integration of business processes with application and data across diverse platforms and technologies.

Digital Technologies

Our consultants have provided technical leadership to clients such as NHS England and Ministry of Defence in support of the design, development, operation and ongoing improvement of complex, transformational digital services, with a focus on usability, interoperability and integration.


We can support the design, implementation and rollout of innovative ICT such as Cloud solutions, infrastructure and process automation; and provide advice on emerging technologies and industry trends.


Our ICT Transition and Transformation services include implementation and management of the transformation process; contingency planning; migration strategies and implementation; and legacy service decommissioning.

Systems Integration

We can advise on the integration of business processes with applications and data across diverse platforms and technologies, and integration with existing ICT systems

Other services include:

Our ICT Consultancy services can be procured through the Crown Commercial Service Technology Services 2 framework.