QI Consulting

Quo Imus Limited
29 Hexham Closes
RH10 7TZ

Tel: 020 7793 4147
Fax: 020 7793 4163

Qi Consulting is the trading name of Quo Imus Limited

Registered Address
6A Dickensons Place
SE25 5HL

Qi Consulting is one of the UK's leading providers of management and ICT consultancy and interim management for public sector clients. Its core business is the delivery of independent consultants into a variety of roles - from project teams through to strategic design. Our emphasis is on skill, experience and, above all, value for money.

Qi Consulting's major clients include most of the Departments of State and their executive agencies, the Ministry of Defence, local authorities, the Criminal Justice sector and the NHS. We are one of the leading suppliers of Gateway™ Reviewers to the Cabinet Office and devolved governments.

Qi Consulting's 600 consultants offer a unique blend of management and technical expertise and proven understanding of public service issues at senior management level, supported by a wide range of business and technical specialisms.

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