Qi Consulting Quality Policy

Quality, Value and Innovation - Making a Difference in the Public Sector

Qi Consulting is committed to providing the right people, organisation and resources to supply a professional and high quality service that meets its clients’ requirements. We recognise that this policy promotes clients’ confidence in the Company and its services, to our mutual benefit.

The policy will be achieved through the implementation of a Quality Management System which involves the use of cost effective, planned and systematic procedures that determine, assess and achieve quality and economy whilst complying with the requirements of our clients and the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015.

The Manuals have been prepared with the authority of the Directors who are committed to the policies, operations and maintenance of the Quality Management System.

The policies, systems and procedures contained or referred to in the Quality Manual are mandatory for the entire Company and shall be strictly observed by ALL employees. The responsibility for ensuring that employees adhere to these policies, systems and procedures lies with the Directors.

The Company is proud of its good reputation for responsible practices, reliable personnel and dedicated client care that are a result of the Company’s ethical culture, skilled committed staff and quality control over its services.

The strategic objectives of the Company are to build a quality organisation with fully orchestrated systems and procedures that totally interact between the business and the customer.

The requirements of the Quality Manual shall apply to all activities undertaken by Qi Consulting in providing their services to clients.

The Company places particular emphasis on obtaining client satisfaction by:

Our Quality Objectives will be reviewed at the end of each year and will be reset periodically to ensure that we continue to improve our performance to our clients. We will monitor the satisfaction of our clients and our achievements against our Quality Objectives and take any actions necessary to ensure that these objectives are achieved.