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Qi Consulting's consultants are only taken on by direct recommendation and and/or scrutiny. They offer a unique blend of management and technical expertise and proven understanding of public service issues at senior management level, supported by a wide range of business and technical specialisms. Many of them have backgrounds in the major consultancies or the senior civil service. In addition we can draw on the resources of our long-term Government Procurement Service framework partner Capgemini when a large-scale approach is needed.

We can offer consultants at all levels, though we are particularly strong at senior levels. For example, we can offer the most senior former civil servants (Grade 1 and below) and military personnel (Defence Staff and below), together with senior managers with proven track records in delivering complex public sector programmes and projects. We also recognise that the public sector is changing the way that it uses consultants - in particular, the changing balance between consultancy and the use of interim managers.

A good example is the usage of interims in change environments, allied to a line position that can more easily facilitate change directly. This compares to a consultancy role where the independence must necessarily be supported by the organisation. Both routes have their advantages - but we recognise that the use of interims complements and supplements the use of conventional consultancy services.

Qi's consultants provide expertise in the areas that most clients require frequently:

In addition, other areas where we offer specialist consultancy services include: